Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Psalms" by Ralph Murre

Psalms ISBN 978-0-9823419-0-2

O.K. This is me being proud and excited, announcing the publication of my second book, Psalms, in which I present a major poem in fifteen verses and a lot of new pen-and-ink drawings. Don't let the biblical reference of the title put you too far off - this book will likely offend the religious and the atheistic in equal measure. Or not - as early reactions from both seem pretty favorable. I hope the book will find a place on the shelves of art lovers as well as readers of poetry, and especially those of both factions who may appreciate a bit of homage to the beat generation.

So what's it cost, how can I get it, and etc.? The book will cost you a cool $12 bucks, American, plus $3 for shipping to anywhere in the U.S.; beyond that, email me for further discussion. Your personal check is fine. (I hope.) Order from Little Eagle Press, P.O. Box 684, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202 - or email me at littleeaglepress@gmail.com for details. If you want the poem (and a lot of other good lit.) without my art work for a little less money , contact "After Hours", a journal of Chicago writing and art, at http://www.afterhourspress.com/, and request a copy of the Winter 2008 issue.
Now: Read Robert Wake's excellent review of Psalms at http://coffeespew.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/psalms/.
Ralph Murre's personal blog, the "Arem Arvinson Log", can be found at http://caparem.blogspot.com/
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